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KittyKastle & PuppyPalace

Our finicky feline friends have needs and limitations unique from other household companions. Cats are happier and suffer less when they can remain in a comfortable, peaceful and healthy home environment, preferably their own.


“A kitten is, in the animal world, what a rosebud is in the garden.”
Robert Sowthey


Kitties & Puppies Rule Here!



Cats evolved to live by themselves ("loners") most of the time. The Cat's ancestors were indeed a solitary species. Despite this fact, domesticated cats can and do live in groups. 


The Best Place To Keep Your Special Kitty While You're Gone Away Is In-Your-Home!


However, due to the fact that cats evolved as loners, almost never in contact with other cats after reaching adulthood, they are very susceptible to epidemic diseases, much more so than dogs ("pack animals"). Therefore multiple unrelated cats (different households) kept in the same confined space will encourage infectious diseases, some of which are zoonotic diseases which can infect humans (eg: ringworm).

Also, solitary animals (like cats) need privacy and independence. They don’t like to share their territory with other individuals that are not familiar to them, be these other cats, other pets or people. Nor do they like to leave their established territory.

Therefore cohabitation with other strange cats and leaving their familiar home territory can be highly stressful for a cat, increasing the potential for medical and behavioural problems.

Doesn't Your Kitty Deserve To Be Happy & Relaxed & Comfortable In A Familiar Home Environment? 

Now You Have That Option ............ Let Him/Her  Stay in Their Own Kitty Kastle While You Are Away!

Experienced, Personalized Loving Care

Going That Extra Mile - Each day your cat is closely monitored - Amount of food eaten, water consumption, bowel movements, urinating habits and behaviour. Your cats health is paramount and we carefully watch for signs of illness or distress.

We maintain records of all cats in our care. . From their past medical and behavioural history to current, from likes to dislikes, we take the time to get to know each cat and interact with them individually.

Holding, playing and brushing will be offered to your pet based on their comfort level. This may be snuggles, massage, head and/or belly rubs or just a visit with a friendly voice for those that are a little nervous. (This turns into snuggles rather quickly though.)

We will serve according to your specifications as much as possible.

We are prepared for emergencies. We will contact your own veterinarian in the event that your cat needs their services.

It is essential that you provide us with an appropriately sized carrier/crate (located near an exit door in your home) in the event that it is required for temporary safe confinement and/or transportation in the case of an emergency etc (eg: fire evacuation).

   photos courtesy of our clients

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"I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul."
  ~ Jean Cocteau

"Dogs have owners, cats have staff."


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