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KittyKastle & PuppyPalace


“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”
~ Charles de Gaulle


Kitties & Puppies Rule Here!



Pet & Home Visits (In-Your- Private-Home Care)

We generally perform visits between 8 am - 8 pm. We are unable to guarantee exact times for visits. They are based on our route.
Morning visits are generally from 8:00 am -10:30 am
Midday from 10:30 am - 2:30pm
Late afternoon from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Evening from 7pm - 8 pm

For dogs we try to space visits approximately 6 hours apart, no more than 12 hours overnight.
Once a day cat visits are done at our convenience, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Pet & Home Sitting Calendar

Monday - Sunday - 365 days a year - 366 days in a leap year
Note:  ** These hours are subject to a minimum of 2 weeks advanced scheduling.  ** Last minute bookings accepted provided we are available and there is a spot available for you.


RESERVATIONS are not booked until the booking deposit payment is received and you receive our booking confirmation-invoice. Sorry, temporary bookings are not accepted. 

LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS with less than 3 days minimum notice will incur a $10.00 rush processing fee. Keep in mind that last minute bookings are subject to availability. Thank you.

KittyKastle In-Your-Home Cat Sitting Rates



In-Your-Home Cat Sitting is recommended for Cats as they are highly territorial animals and changing environments (involving car travel) for them will be stressful on them regardless of how peaceful the new atmosphere. Our clients' cats look forward to our daily visits to their own KittyKastle and appreciate the bonus security for their home :-).

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!                             


In-Your-Home Cat Sitting - 1st cat:

$35/day for 1-30 minute Visit  *

In-Your-Home Cat Sitting - 1st cat: $60/day for 2-30 minute Visits *
** Your-Home Cat Sitting - 1st cat: $40/day for 2-15 minute Visits  *
Additional Cats & Other Pets: Complimentary No Charge (at our discretion)
Note: Minimum 2 day booking rate applies for bookings <2 days ($60 minimum charge)
FREE Initial In-Your-Home Consultation: $35 (credited towards 1st Booking within 3 weeks)

* Rayside Balfour Pricing (some areas within this area may be more)

KITTY VISITS: We offer and recommend a minimum of 1 visit per day for cats as this is essential for their health, safety and physical and emotional well being.  We will provide up to 2 visits per day as requested. Regretfully we do not accept shared visitations (family member caring for your pets etc at the same time). All visits include TLC, playtime, replenishing food and water and litter box scooping.



PuppyPalace In-Your-Home Dog Sitting Rates




1 In-Your-Home Dog Sitting - 1st Dog

$35/day for 1-30 minute Visit *

2 In-Your-Home Dog Sitting - 1st Dog $60/day for 2-30 minute Visits *
3 In-Your-Home Dog Sitting - 1st Dog $78/day for 3-30 minute Visits *
  Starting at $35/day for 1-30 minute Visit
Additional Dogs & Other Pets: Complimentary No Charge
Premium 60 Minute Visit (when available) Only $10 More/Visit                   
Personalized Updates by Email or Text 1 Included Free, $2 per Additional update
Each additional pet of the same family: $0-$10 more
Fenced Yard Let Out / Tie Out Only:    15 minute let out: $25 - $45/day (& water) (Exceptions)
Dog Walking                         30 minute walk $25-35/day *
Dog Walking                         60 minute walk $35-44/day *
Dog Walking                         30 minute walk $45 - $55/day *
Dog Walking                         60 minute walk $50 - $60/day *
2nd dog of the same family:        Complimentary No Charge
Water outdoor garden $10 (max time 10 mins)
Pick up supplies $25 & up + cost of supplies
Indoor plant watering Complimentary No Charge
Garbage/recycle bin taken in or out Complimentary No Charge
Newspaper/mail brought in Complimentary No Charge
Alternate window coverings and lighting Complimentary No Charge
Other Services (eg: Lawn maintenance) Please Inquire
Need Other Services Not Listed Here? please inquire
FREE Initial In-Your-Home Consultation: $35(credited towards 1st Booking within 3 weeks)
Subsequent Consultations Requested: $35 for 1 - 30 minute Consult (Exceptions)

* Rayside Balfour Pricing (some areas within this area may be more)

When considering prices for Private In-Home care, please keep in mind what makes us SPECIAL!

PUPPY VISITS: All visits (except for fenced yard let out) include TLC, walks and/or playtime in your backyard, replenishing food and water and  immediate poop/scoop.  Properly fitted, escape proof collars/harnesses are a must! Under no circumstances will we accept requests to walk/run dogs leash free. We recommend 3 visits per day for dogs within a 24 hour period.  However, we will accept requests for 2 visits per day. We will consider 1 visit per day provided your dog is pee pad/ doggy door trained, has the companionship of other pets in your home, and/or does not suffer from serious separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. We leave this up to the dog owner's discretion.  

PET CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please provide us with Detailed Feeding Instructions, Food, Treats, Food Dishes, Leash & Collar/Harness,  Clean Towels (for cleaning paws) and Poop bags. Please print out and complete the our Pet Care Instructions Form.

TRANSPORT CARRIERS: It is essential that you provide us with an Appropriately sized Carrier/Crate (located near an exit door in your home) in the event that it is required for temporary safe confinement and/or transportation in the case of an emergency etc (eg: vet visit, fire evacuation). If you do not provide us with a crate or your dog is not crate trained, we will contact your Emergency Contact to transport your pet if it becomes necessary.  

Overnight Stays

We provide in-your-home overnight pet sitting for cats, dogs etc.  Our overnight pet sitter lives in and cares for your house and pets exclusively. We tailor the service to your pets needs to keep them on their regular routine. For example if your dog is used to one long walk and 2 shorter ones, then we will do that also. This is the perfect alternative to dog or cat boarding.  You will return home to pets that are happy and relaxed.  We provide our own food and can even bring a mobile bed if you have no guest room. Your plants or garden can be watered, garbage and recycling will be taken care of as scheduled.  Your pets will get lots of exercise, love and attention.  For special needs pets or multiple pet households please e-mail us for a quote.

Dog Walking

Did you know between one and two hours of daily exercise is recommended for our canine friends depending on age and ability? That adequate exercise minimizes behavioural problems? If you are working late or just can’t make it home on time, we are a convenient answer to arriving home to an over active dog and a ‘mess’. By providing exercise and companionship during what can be a long and lonely day for your dog you can both relax and enjoy each other much more in the evenings!

RE: Initial Consultations: Please understand that we value our time as much as you do. As a professional business we must adhere to a daily time schedule. A Quote for the services requested will be provided prior to a Consultation (Meet & Greet) being scheduled.  Therefore, please be considerate and do not use the consultation as an opportunity for reasons such as "price shopping", "need to know about your policies", "just in case I need you", "for future services", etc.  Our reputation and credentials speak for themselves  and we are confident that we can provide you with the highest possible standard of quality pet/home care you desire. Thank you.

Dangerous/Aggressive Dogs:  Although your pets are certainly a much loved part of your family they may not always be candidates for in home pet care. We do not provide pet sitting for aggressive animals, and/or animals with a history of biting. Dogs must be social and people friendly.  Some animals are very territorial and may become more so in their owner’s absence. Dogs must not be aggressive in the absence of their owners. If you know your dog has a history of aggressiveness toward visitors to your home, kennelling may be your best and most prudent option.  If you are not completely sure that your dog will allow a pet sitter into your home while you are NOT there, then we cannot accept the pet sitting assignment. Entering your home when you are away is a condition of our pet sitting service; attempting to care for a potentially aggressive dog puts the pet sitter at risk and does not allow us to fulfill our promise to you to care for your pets and home. If you did not realize that your dog would be aggressive (growl bearing teeth, nip at pet sitter’s hand while attempting to put on leash, etc), and we have already begun pet sitting, then we will do our best to finish our assignment as agreed. If we are unable to provide normal pet sitting duties due to your pet’s aggressiveness (walk your dog, get him or her outside to go potty), then regular fees and/or additional fees will apply. We cannot provide free or discounted visits for pet sitting if the dog’s aggressiveness prohibits us from performing our regular duties. The temperament of each animal will be evaluated at the initial meeting.  We reserve the right to decline service to anyone based on our best judgment and experience.  If you have any doubts about your animal’s ability to accept care from strangers please inform us immediately.

Home Security Visit (No Pets)

Includes a walk around the exterior, collection of mail and newspapers, adjustment of drapes and lights, watering indoor/outdoor plants, simple pool care such as adding chlorine, garbage/recycle day services, checking furnace, A/C, appliances, basement and any other minor tasks as required to maintain a home's occupied appearance. Rate - $30.00 - $75.00/day (Exceptions)

Keys - Key Pickup and Drop-off

We request that our clients leave us with two keys. One set will be with the sitter doing the visit. The other key will be stored in our safe. Should an emergency arise or there is a problem with a key, we will always have access to the second key. If keys need to be picked up prior to your service and then dropped off again after the service is completed, there will be a $25 - $55 fee for this. Unfortunately, gas is expensive. However, there is no charge if you pick up and drop off your keys to our home or if we are allowed to keep the keys on file. We will not leave keys behind in mailboxes or in your home on a counter, table etc. We must hear from you with an acknowledgement that you are home before we drop off keys. We do not mark your key with your name or address. This is a requirement of our insurance policy and for the safety and well-being of your pet should you require extended services in the event of an emergency and your delayed return to your home.

Pet Sitter Parking

It is the client's responsibility to provide parking. If parking is in a public lot the extra fee for this will be added to the invoice.

Reservations & Payment

When to Book

Early booking is advised as consultations and services are subject to scheduling. The Summer months, February/March break and the Christmas/New Year seasons are busy times. To ensure availability for In-Our-Home care, it is a good idea to reserve soon after you have finalized your own plans. If possible it is advised to reserve at least two weeks prior to services required. This also gives you time to ensure that Kitty/Puppy is up to date on deworming, flea treatment, vaccinations, and nail clipping. 

Reservation/Booking Deposit

To guarantee your spot, making bookings well in advance with deposit is recommended. Please keep in mind that because we are open for business from Monday through Sunday, year round, we must schedule in our own days off, family time, business trips, and vacation time around our clients bookings.

We require a nonrefundable deposit of $35 - $80 for 2-5 days reservation and $70 - $160 for 6-7 days reservation (may be more for some distant locations). Holiday Bookings may require a larger deposit. The deposit is required to hold the reservation and is non-refundable if cancelled. Therefore, the reservation is not confirmed as booked until the deposit is processed. Sorry, temporary bookings are not accepted. Last minute bookings with less than 3 days minimum notice will incur a $10.00 rush processing fee. Keep in mind that last minute bookings are subject to availability.You are encouraged to call or email to ensure your reservations and/or booking deposit has gone through. For your convenience, however, we will confirm all reservations within 24 hours of receipt of your reservation form and deposit. If you have not heard from us, we have likely not received your form and/or the reservation deposit.

Length Of Visit Cancellations

KittyKastle & PuppyPalace requires that payment is collected for the length of visits booked. Please understand we are a business and we do not overbook so we do limit bookings. Cancellations result in lost business income or lost vacation time for us as we have reserved that spot on that date for your pet(s).

Payment Policy & Payment Methods 

Full payment for services is always due on or before the first day that pet sitting services begin.  Keep in mind the ongoing costs we incur during the course of the job including gas, business insurance, and travel time . Unforeseen expenses we may incur during the course of the job that are not normally reimbursed until the client returns, include but are not limited to lockout (keys that don't work), pet food and supplies, pet medication, etc. Please understand, our payment policy is standard in this industry and a necessary and prudent business practice. Thank you.

Cash, Interac E-transfer, Canadian Postal Money Orders and Certified Checks are accepted.  We do not accept Personal Cheques (NSF issues) except from Well Established Clients. However, they must not be post dated nor deemed non-cashable on the day services begin.
Personal Cheques for the booking deposit can be dropped off to us. We will leave a paid invoice for your records as a receipt. Rates subject to change without notice. Interac E-transfer is faster and safer and our recommended method of payment for sending payments to us.


As an added convenience only, we will also accept Visa & MasterCard. We do not accept Personal Cheques (NSF issues) except from Well Established Clients. However, they must not be post dated nor deemed non-cashable on the day services begin. We will leave a paid invoice for your records as a receipt. Rates subject to change without notice. Interac E-transfer is faster and safer and our recommended method of payment for sending payments to us. Thank you.

Holidays & Weekends

There is an additional fee for statutory holidays and some other holidays as noted. The following dates each year will have an additional $10 per day added (Christmas & New Years Holidays, an additional $15 per day)

  • Easter – Good Friday through Easter Monday (ie 4 days)
  • Christmas – Christmas Eve through Boxing Day (ie 3 days)
  • New Years Eve through New Years Day (ie 2 days)
  • Thanksgiving – Sunday though Monday (ie 2 days)
  • Mother's Day, Father's Day
  • And on these other 1 day statutory holidays: Family Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, August Civic Holiday, Labour Day and Remembrance Day
    ** Minimum 5 day booking for Christmas Holidays*** Minimum 4 day booking for New Years Holidays

** Fridays, Sundays & Saturdays: $10 added on these three days for bookings less than 4 days total (booking must be 4 consecutive days).

Free Initial Consultation   

Meet & Greet 

The initial consultation is FREE as long as you book services at the time you book your consultation. We do ask for a payment of $35.00 and as long as you do book services within 3 weeks of the consultation, you will be credited the $35.00 towards your services, however if you cancel your booking, we will retain the $35.00.

At this visit we meet you and become familiar with your pets and home (in the case of in-your-home care visits).Here we learn their routine and make sure they are comfortable with us. We will discuss detailed instructions on how to care for your pets and/or your home and arrange key exchange. We also review our contract and policies with you, answer any questions you many have. Until we get to know you, Government Issued Photo ID (eg: Driver’s Licence, Health Card) may be required as proof of identity when meeting with us. We reserve the right to refuse a reservation/consultation/service at our own discretion.

Cancellations: We kindly ask that you please be courteous and give us 24 hours notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment to meet with us and need to reschedule. We will provide the same courtesy. Thank you.

To Inquire About and/or Request a Reservation please complete the KittyKastle & PuppyPalace Online Web Form below.  It will be submitted to us electronically. All information is kept strictly confidential. Thank you.

We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. If you have not heard back from us, please contact us to ensure we have received your form.


REFERRAL BONUS: 1 FREE Day Visit for Every Referral upon Confirmed Booking!

Have more Questions? Ready to Reserve? Contact Us Today!                    

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