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KittyKastle & PuppyPalace



KittyKastle & PuppyPalace offers Professional Pet & Home Sitting Services. We Cater to Your Pampered and Spoiled House Pet's Needs!


"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men". ~ Francis of Assissi


Kitties & Puppies Rule Here!


Where your pet is treated like royalty!

We are a Professional Pet and Home Sitting Service offering Private In-Your-Home Care for Your Treasured Pets and Home.  We offer the Security of an Occupied Home While You Are Away.

In essence we are your furkids' babysitter ...  we all know our pets are our children and part of our family and therefore should be cared for as such always and everywhere!

Many pets do not do well in a kennel type of environment because they are confused and do not know where they are and they worry they have been abandoned by their owner.  And the pining sounds of all the other animals missing their families/homes can be stressful to them which can cause behavioural changes that otherwise would not occur (such as soiling, not eating, etc.). The risk of contracting air-borne illness like kennel cough, canine influenza, and feline upper respiratory disease run high in such close proximity to other pets. Psychological trauma from being away from home concerns pet owners too. KittyKastle & PuppyPalace Pet Sitting is the perfect alternative for pets that do better remaining in a Home Environment (With All the Comforts and Security of Their Own Home) when their owners are away.  We love that we can offer this service to families. As we all know, our pets are part of the family so why wouldn't we want them to be treated that way always?!

Benefits Of In-Your-Home Pet Sitting

Pets stay in their own home environment where all the sights, smells and sounds are familiar (the best choice for older dogs, nervous cats, multiple pets)
No "travel trauma" to pets because they do not need to be transported anywhere
Exposure to illnesses and parasites of other animals is eliminated
Pets stay on their regular routines and do not need to adapt to a new environment
Neighbours, friends or family members are not inconvenienced and/or imposed upon
A visit to your home one to three times a day
Loving time spent with pets
Litter box cleaned and/or dog waste removal
Fresh food and water is layed out daily
Security for your home -  If neighbours and passersby see people coming in and out of your    home and lights go on and off they will think someone is home.
Mail & newspapers brought in (no charge)
Garbage & recycling bin are put out (no charge)
Light rotation (no charge)
Plants watered
Small animal care (birds, fish, reptiles, etc)
You'll come home to a Happy Pet!

We look forward to caring for your precious pets in your home sweet home!

KittyKastle & PuppyPalace Professional Pet Sitting
Canine & Feline Specialists    

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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France                                                                      





    KittyKastle  |  Hours, Rates & Reservations  |  Photo Gallery  

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